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Divan beds at Möbelmarkt Dogern, Wohnwelt Rheinfelden and Natura - Der Möbelmarkt


Divan beds help promote a comfortable and healthy sleep

Due to the divan beds endless possibilities, it has successfully established itself in the German bedroom. In our large bedroom division at Möbelmarkt Dogern, Wohnwelt Rheinfelden and Natura – Der Möbelmarkt you are sure to find a divan bed for every need, and can decide between a variety of designs, colors, models and heights. Only specifically chosen brands are allowed to showcase their products in our large showroom. This allows us to present you with box spring beds of the highest possible quality. Since a restful and restorative sleep isn’t determined by purely the appearance or design of a divan bed we also offer a large variety of mattresses with different levels of firmness. We will assist you in finding not only the perfect box spring bed but also the ideal mattress for your specific needs.

Live from our furniture studios a small selection of products

Please note: the professional photos of manufacturers can deviate slightly from the products displayed at our furniture stores i.e. color, size, function or price. Kindly take this into account when visiting one of our stores.

    Certified experts for divan beds

    Effortlessly schedule a professional and non-binding consultation to help you find the divan bed of your dreams. Our experienced and certified staff will support you in finding the perfect box spring bed, out of a seemingly endless portfolio, without having to make any compromises. Whether you favor a soft or a hard mattress, we’ll have your perfect match waiting for you in our large selection of brand name mattresses. We guarantee the highest quality and comfort, not only for our mattresses but also for our box spring beds. Our advisors will support you in the decision making process and help eliminate any wrong choices due to misinformation or a lack of expertise. Our large selection of sizes, models and firmness at Möbelmarkt Dogern, Wohnwelt Rheinfelden and Natura Wohnpark are sure to thrill and excite you.



    As you make your bed, so you must lie in it

    This phrase is not just a colloquial metaphor. In a comfortable divan bed tailored to your needs you can wake up refreshed and recharged with a healthy and happy back every morning. Individually created box spring beds are extremely popular due to their immense comfort and ability to turn any room into an area of relaxation and rest. At Möbelmarkt Dogern, Wohnwelt Rheinfelden and Natura – Der Möbelmarkt you will find modern and classic as well as exclusive and exceptional box spring beds from a variety of manufacturers. Through the use of an expert consultation you won’t have to dwell long, but rather discuss your ideal solution tailored to your wishes and physical needs with our experienced personnel. Your nonbinding consultation appointment can be scheduled at any time, without the pressure of having to buy something.

    Let one of our expert consultants advise you and help fulfill your specific needs. Feel free to schedule an appointment with us at your next available convenience.